Tax Planning Masterclass

Get Paid What You're Worth - Add Tax Planning to your practice
Tired of getting paid low fees & chasing clients for payment?  Learn to master the art of getting paid for your expertise by adding tax planning to your offering.  Certified Tax Planners can dramatically increase their income and find the freedom that owning a business is supposed to give you. 
Dominique Molina, CPA, MST, CTS, President  
The American Institute of Certified Tax Planners

Here’s the dirty secret about the tax industry….

You are overworked and underpaid.  Most tax pros are working 16 hour days during tax filing season and only have about 2 hours on average per return!  Most tax pros aren’t set up to actually sit down and do tax planning with their clients.  Imagine the impact you could have if you had more time to spend strategizing with clients.  Clients are eager to pay premium fees for this type of specialized attention. 
  • How to start getting paid what you're worth today - switching from hourly billing to value pricing. 
  • Eliminate the primary cause for low profits and long hours.
  • ​Recognize the pitfalls when converting hourly billing to value pricing.
  • ​Identify opportunities for tax planning and use this information to sell your engagement.
  • ​Learn the secret formula for selling planning engagements at premium fees.
  • ​Discover how to level up your knowledge so you can run circles around your competition. 

What Others Are Saying...

"This is the future of those in the tax industry that are serious about helping their clients. I've looked for this for 20-years."
- Joe C. 
"The best education and training I've ever attended in my more than 20-year career.  If you're not doing this, your competition will." 

Scott F.
"Life changing paradigm shift.  I can see that I'll actually get back to doing what I love and getting off the treadmill of paperwork."

C. Cooke
Dominique Molina
CPA, MST, CTS, President  
The American Institute of Certified Tax Planners
Dominique Molina has spent her career elevating the excellence of accounting practitioners while helping small businesses pay less tax. A CPA since 2000, her practice goes beyond annual tax return preparation, emphasizing proactive tax planning strategies to help small companies leverage the tax laws in the same way wealthy large corporations do. Today she is building a network of tax reduction entities to share her knowledge with as many practitioners and businesses as possible.

Taxpayers overpay $1 billion annually due to missed tax planning opportunities (source: USGAO). So in 2009, to share her tax-savings approach with other accounting professionals, Molina founded the American Institute for Certified Tax Planners (AICTP), an independent non-profit that trains and certifies tax professionals in the philosophy of proactive tax planning. In the last 12 years, AICTP has certified over 1,000 Certified Tax Coaches, Planners, and Strategists in almost every state of the nation, who serve and advise over 120,000 entrepreneurial businesses throughout the country.
The AICTP business model was founded on an innovative vision to raise the stature of the accounting profession, re-energize its appeal for the younger generation, and deliver an enhanced value proposition above and beyond services traditionally performed by tax professionals. No longer are accountant services only reactionary reporting. Molina is helping to reinvent the profession into a fount of strategic knowledge to offer guidance and a path towards tax savings and wealth building for our clients.

An outspoken advocate for reform in the century-old business model of hourly billing – controversial because 86% of firms still use it – Dominique was an early adopter and advocated for the value pricing model. Her thought leadership has led to growing interest among CPAs in value pricing, which provides greater cost predictability for clients and directs focus to the value in the service profession. Her next forward-thinking leadership may be to warn the industry of the potential pitfalls of DIY planning software. Nothing can truly replace the knowledge that time, education, and experience affords expert tax planners.

In addition to her regular teaching and advocate work at the Institute, Molina is a frequent guest speaker and educator that constantly works to publicize and elevate the value and appeal of the profession. She provides CE credits on topics such as Advanced Tax Planning for Small Business Owners, Getting Paid What You're Worth, Federal Tax Reform, Federal Tax Updates, and Advanced Tax Planning Techniques.

In 2020 Dominique Molina expanded her tax planning educational outreach by launching the online publication Think Outside The Tax Box ( This bi-weekly publication offers tax reduction strategies for accountants, tax preparers, and small business owners. These strategies are exhaustively researched and explained in detail, and written by well-known tax experts like Tom Gorczynski, Amber Gray-Fenner, Phyllis Jo Kubey, Matt Metras, Annette Nellen, and Peter Reilly. TOTTB also hosts quarterly webinars on timely tax topics, offering in-depth discussions of often complicated new tax laws or strategies.

And in 2022, Ms. Molina acquired MidasIQ (, a leading tax educational company directly educating the public and taxpayers on how they can help to reduce their taxes. Educating the public on how to pay less in tax and save their hard-earned money has always been a deep conviction for Molina, and she relishes the chance to shine a light on the immense value of getting expert tax guidance from their local accountant or Certified Tax Planner.

Dominique Molina has always been a champion for modernizing and elevating the Accounting industry, extolling the value of the knowledge and experience CPAs offer as they guide their clients to better business outcomes.
Don't let another tax season go after SALY (Same As Last Year) procedures.  Make this the time you leave all that behind and do something better...for your clients, and for yourself!
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